Technichron Art (Commissioned)

Technichron Art (Commissioned)

A commissioned work for an artist from Northeast USA. WebGL animation, just over 300kb build size.

Tech used: HTML, Tailwind CSS, Vite, ThreeJS, WindiCSS

Technichron is an artist / designer from North East USA. They specialize in typography and digital art but often use tools to make amazing renders. The original site on contained one such render, but it was a little blurry and unchanging due to it's presentation as a repeated mp4 video. The mobile layout of the site was also broken and unintuitive.

I sought to creatively resolve these issues for them and reimplement the site using web rendering technologies, which allows for a wider range of possible ideas and a smaller build size. Vite was used as the build tool and glTF-pipeline was used on every build to compress the 3d model present on the website.

Other projects

Tech used: Material UI, React.js, Gatsby.js, Three.js, React Three Fiber

Personal artist website with rendered planets in the background used to promote upcoming works

Cards Against Australia - MACathon 2022

Cards Against Australia - MACathon 2022

Tech used: React, MUI, FastAPI, MongoDB

48 hour first-place hackathon project that informs Australians about politics in an engaging way.

@ Davit Gogiberidze 2023