Cards Against Australia - MACathon 2022

Cards Against Australia - MACathon 2022

48 hour first-place hackathon project that informs Australians about politics in an engaging way.

Tech used: React, MUI, FastAPI, MongoDB

Cards against Australia is a site that makes it easy to learn about previous policies voted on by members of parliament. This website won first place and the Canva sponsor prize in the 2022 MACathon Hackathon in our team of four.

The app provides users with a gamified voting component, where users must decide which mystery politician had the worst vote on a given policy topic. These politician agreement ratings are based on if the politician actually voted for or against a given policy, and represents that politician’s stance on a given topic. Once users have decided which stance is worse, based on their own beliefs, the app shows which member of parliament had that stance.

This stat based system allows users to understand more about what parliament is voting on, the names of the people in parliament, and a general view on if that politician aligns with the view of the user. Overall, the mystery politician approach keeps the user engaged through suspense, and keeps the user interested in the decisions of parliament.

I wrote the front end code, helped in managing the MongoDB database and assisted team members in back end problems we were tackling at the time.

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