Flex Task - UNIHACK 2023

Flex Task - UNIHACK 2023

48 hour AI-powered hackathon project that that will break down projects for you into manageable tasks

Tech used: React, Tailwind, FastAPI, MongoDB

Flextask is an AI powered time management app that will make your hard project ideas more feasible by breaking it down for you into more manageable tasks.

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Flextask is an AI powered time management app that will help you manage your project by breaking it down into more manageable tasks. We provide the user with an intuitive interface, prompting them for information about their project and generating the tasks with an OpenAI query. Once the tasks are generated, the user can tweak the provided tasks to their liking. Flextask uses the Google Calendar API, allowing the user to effortlessly integrate the given tasks into their daily life.

Challenges we ran into

  • Creating general schemas for each object in the database
  • Configuring the ChatGPT template to get accurate and consistent responses
  • Understanding and implementing Google Calendar integration

We are proud of the way our team came together in order to contribute significant amounts to the project. Despite the many challenges we faced, we managed to adapt and work together to solve whatever we came across.

In the future, we plan to further streamline and extend our AI powered interface, enhancing the experience with a more natural conversational flow when describing project details, tasks and timelines.

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